Over the past few decades, internet has made is super easy for us to stay in touch. We are always connected to our social network via our smartphones, I-pads, laptops or PCs. In fact it has taken over most of our daily routine. It has great potential to be an “all in one” resource. Be it news, politics, current affairs, weather forecast, social networking, sports or entertainment. But everything has its downsides. If you avail this amazing technology, you are at a potential risk of being its victim too. It could be fraud, hacking, stalking, criticism or bullying. Internet gives none the ability to take a cover. In the proverbial sense, not everything that glitters is gold.

You learn about driving rules to avoid any trouble. Likewise, it is almost a necessity for you to learn about online safety measures. These are very important and will help you through a lifetime.

Online Do’s and Don’ts

In order to avoid any possible trouble on the internet, here are some tools and tips:

·         NEVER give out personal information i-e phone number, address.

·         NEVER share your pictures with anyone, particularly unethical ones.

·         Avoid opening emails from people you don’t know.

·         Don’t become “friends” with people you don’t know or haven’t known well.

·         NEVER arrange a meet with someone you met online.

·         If you find anything that alarms or warns you, talk to someone about it.