Since mobile devices have become an inevitability over the past few years, crimes on and through these devices has also increased noticeably. The only way to ensure that you don’t become a victim is by getting yourself the best security package out there and also knowing how to keep yourself safe on the Internet. In the following article, we present to you some tips for improving your and your mobile phone’s security.

Personal Information

First and foremost principle, don’t share personal information online. Don’t put on sensitive information on your personal social profile and never make any information public, or at least restrict it to your friends and family. This way people with bad intentions will have limited to no access to your any information whatsoever. In addition to that, I some website asks you for personal information while you are browsing on your phone, be careful. Such websites can usually contaminate your mobile phone with viruses, just like your PC.

Security Patch

Another important step in making sure your mobile’s safety is installing a good security software in your mobile phone. There are plenty of them available out there but not all are as effective. Make sure to get the patch with the best performance. For instance, Norton Security is compatible with multiple platforms and devices as well with PC based security.

Parental Controls

In case you have children using cell phones, it is suggested that you incorporate parental controls in them. More often than not, children visit websites or download softwares that infect the mobile phone. This can lead to your whereabouts being tracked, leading to something more serious eventually. Parental controls are available on your phone company and offered by the mobile carrier too. Third party softwares for restricting controls are also available. It is also advised to make your children aware of any possible risks so they can be cautious themselves as well.

Trusted Sources

Smartphones nowadays let you download apps from open source, outside of the app stores. App from the store are tested and verified. However apps from open source have not usually gone through an established mechanism of test, trial and approval and may not be safe for your mobile phone.  Of course not all the apps from outside are unsafe. But it’s better safe than sorry. Therefore, avoid downloading from sources that are not official and known.

To sum it all up, in order to avoid any instance of mobile based cybercrime, get a good antivirus, watch out for sites you visit and any content you download. This can significantly decrease the likelihood of cybercrime on your cell phone.